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Silicone falsies or foam inserts? Which is better?

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2 Answers

  1. I prefer foam inserts. They are sturdier and there are brands that come with glue or tape so they’re also reliable. On the other hand, they only look good if absolutely nothing is going to show. If you are going to wear a deep-cut top or dress, you need to show a little boob, and in that case I guess silicone inserts are better because you can get them in your skin tone and them blend them in with some makeup (although this requires skill).

    Bastian43 - Feb 02, 2017 | Reply

  2. It depends on what you need and how you dress normally. Do you wear a bra? Are you big in the upper body? I think silicone inserts only work for petite types. Of and they also tend to fall out easily. Personally I prefer foam inserts with fake nipples.

    Morris22 - Feb 02, 2017 | Reply

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