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Coworker caught me in drag!

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It was afterhours at work on a Friday night and everyone was gone. I had some 15min before the cleaning staff arrived and I was going to a party after work. Usually I go to parties in drag but I keep that part of my life strictly separated from my professional life. I work in a high profile law firm and no one would be amused to find out what I did after work and on weekends. Anyways, I brought my clothes in a bag that morning and planned on changing and doing my makeup right there because I knew that at 8pm the office is usually empty. But it was not, on that particular Friday. I heard the elevator zing and before I managed to run and hide, one of my coworkers got out and saw me. He recognized me of course, and he saw me in full drag and he was just so shocked. He did not say anything, he just nodded HI and went to his desk to pick up some papers he needed. Then he said see you on Monday! and went back to the elevator, obviously confused and embarrassed. Tomorrow is Monday and I have no idea what to do. Should I talk to him before he tells everyone he saw me in drag? Or should I pretend nothing happened, hoping he would do the same?

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  1. Talk to him, it’ll keep you calm. Let him know you wouldn’t like other people to know and that it’s your personal stuff.

    Dinesh - Mar 07, 2017 | Reply

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